As of right now, we have 112 different areas of pleadings and support documents that have been completed through most of the review process.  They include everything from landlord/tenant both sides, to small claims, simplified dissolution of marriage, dissolution with children, dissolution with property and no children, modifications, alimony and child support, parenting plans, temporary support, temporary custody, paternity, disestablishment of paternity, name changes for adult children in juvenile proceedings, stepchild adoptions, personal and other types of domestic violence, financial disclosure forms, parenting forms, marital separation agreements, child support guidelines worksheets, and there’s more beyond that.  Taking a look at this website: will give you more insight as to family law.  No money was budgeted for this process, and the staff worked on the forms in addition to their other full time duties.  He also said no area will go online until forms and questions are prepared for both sides of any dispute.  In Pinellas County, there are many organizations out there designed to give pro se litigants help;  Talk about fairness…Edwards had noted that earlier in the meeting the commission had been told that many lawyers who don’t practice family law were reluctant to take even simple divorce pro bono cases because those still require producing seven forms for filing.  The DIY process will enable lawyers to take such cases and produce the necessary forms with minimal effort.  Broward County Judge Robert Lee, who also worked on the forms added, “When we did these, we had in mind we wanted them to be available to lawyers.”