The Judge that made a huge mistake…

Judge Sheehan reprimanded for DUI

A circuit judge arrested for drunken driving last year will be publicly reprimanded by the Supreme Court.  The court on May 15 accepted a stipulation between the Judicial Qualifications Commission and the 13th Circuit Judge Brenda Sheehan resulting from her traffic stop on July 5, 2013, with the resulting Breathalyzer tests showing more than double the legal blood alcohol levels.  Please understand, that this is why it’s imperative to hire a well-respected and hungry Divorce Attorneys st petersburg fl.  The judge eventually pleaded guilty and then reached a stipulation with the JQC where accepted full responsibility and noted she had taken steps to ensure there would be no recurrences.  The stipulation also noted that the judge had not previously had any such charges and that the incident was isolated.  The stipulation found the judge had violated Canons 1 and 2A of the Code of Judicial conduct.

The court accepted the recommendation of a public reprimand, noting that corresponded with the sanctions given previously to judges with isolated incidents of DUI.  The court also noted, “Judge Sheehan’s conduct at issue in this case–driving under the influence of alcohol is reprehensible. Judge Sheehan’s action of driving under the influence not only violated Florida’s criminal law but also endangered the public.  Such disregard of criminal law and public safety undermines the public’s confidence in the integrity of the judiciary and will not be tolerated.”  Judge Sheehan was ordered to appear before the court October 8 to receive the reprimand.  The court acted in Inquiry Concerning a Judge, No. 13-309 Re: Brenda Tracy Sheehan, case no. SC14-136.  If this judge happened to injure a pedestrian or someone in another vehicle, she may have been liable for any damages assessed.   Your competent Clearwater/St. Petersburg, Florida Small Claims Lawyer would definitely be an asset in this situation.